The ImagiNation Studio

Providing Vibrant Visual Arts Education to Local and Global Communities

To offer students an opportunity for creative expression by introducing them to art techniques, media, and tools

To bring hope and healing to children through theraputic art experiences

To offer students from developing  countires the opoortunity to participate in visual arts education

To provide an avenue for art students to showcase their artwork and share their ideas and stories with the world

Course Information

A strong emphasis on Biblical worldview, art techniques, and style alongside the use of quality materials and professional teaching provide a strong foundation for students as they create original artwork.

Student artwork is shared with their community through gallery shows and published online (with student/parent or guardian consent).

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Registration Information

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Registration is first come, first serve. You may register for mulitple courses.

The fee for each course is due the first day of the course.

It is expected that the student participates in each class of the course(s) for which s/he is registered.

If you need to cancel a registration, kindly do so within two weeks of the start of the course.